Work it out! 

3 1/2 years ago I had a beautiful 8lbs 3oz baby girl. At the time we were living in a major city, I was teaching dance as well as taking dance classes and Pilates. I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight because I was so active it was coming off on its own. Now that we live up in the sky I don’t have those luxuries and have to work it off the hard way, excersize. I hate excersizing. I’m trying to find new fun things to do but I usually last a week and get lazy. I’ve decided to “post my journey” as a way to hold myself accountable. I do have a friend who is trying to keep active too so she is helping me through this and hopefully that will make it easier. 

This week my little E is 8 weeks old! I gained 30-35 lbs with him and would love to get back to my normal pre-pregnancy clothes. That’s really my goal. Weight is just a number but how I feel in my skin is what I’m trying to get back. 

I’ve been doing a plank challenge for 8 daysand a push up challenge 

Today i started doing a 7 minute HIIT workout I found on Pinterest

As of today, Monday, I have decided to run my schedule like this:

Monday: 7 min HIIT, (planks and push ups I count as being done since they’re the base of this workout) 

Tuesday: planks and push ups

Wednesday: 7 min HITT (planks and push ups I count as being done since they’re the base of this workout) 

Thursday: Buti Yoga (I have only taken a 30 min sample but it was awesome. Here’s a clip of you haven’t heard of it, I’m excited!), plank and push up. 

Friday: aerial conditioning! (Again Planks and push ups are done during the class)

Saturday/Sunday: planks and push ups. 

I’m making an effort to eat healthy but I’m from the Midwest so I love carbs and butter! I am posting my bare belly pic and silly arm muscles today so I can look back and compare myself. 

Wish me luck! 

Hit me baby one more time! 

Well, I finished the travel changing pad. The original pattern that I downloaded (see last post) didn’t have a pattern on it! It was 12 pages on what to do but no pattern. I tried multiple different downloads and couldn’t find one so I decided to wing it, which is always a bad idea. 

I cut the fabric, laid out what I wanted it took look like, sewed it, added the vinyl and realized I needed to add the vinyl in the beginning. So I unstitched everything and sewed it all back together ONE MORE TIME. I used white thread thinking it would be a good contrast but in hindsight I should have used black thread to cover up my mistakes! 

Lessons were learned.  I am going to continue making travel changing pads to try and improve on my design (I will also continue looking for a pattern!). 

I would walk 500 miles…or I would drive 90 miles for fabric. 

We live in western Colorado in a small town 

It’s very picturesque. The down side to a picturesque town is that no one wants Target, Michaels, or Wendy’s in the picture, we have no chain or box stores here. The town next to us has 2 grocery stores and the smallest/dumpiest Walmart I’ve ever seen.  So I drive 2 hours when I need something that Kroger and Walmart can’t supply. 

On Sunday I loaded up the kids in the wagon and headed on our way! (Dad stayed home and built shelves and did other manly things in our garage). 

So away we went on a 2 hour drive for fabric. It’s 90 miles of highway driving which normally would be 1.5 hours but we have to go down the mountain about 3,000 feet so it takes a little longer. It is a beautiful drive past the Blue Mesa Reservoir My daughter likes to count the tents ice fishing. There’s usually at least 50!

The Black Canyon National Park is also on the drive  Since it has been so uncommonly cold here and we’ve had 100+ inches of snow it has forced the animals to come down from the mountain tops, not great for drivers but fun for passengers. We saw a giant herd of at least 100 elk  and of course, deer the crazy part about mountain life is when you drive 2 hours you go from this to this50 and sunny!! 

We hit up our favorite Jo-Ann fabrics and, of course, Target then headed back home for Family slumber party night.

 I ended up getting fabric for a diaper changing station I hope to turn all that in to this:

I also got more fabric for shoes and bibs! Oh boy!! I tried to buy a lot of mix and match patterns so the shoes and bibs can compliment each other. We’ll see!