Playing Tetris. 

Whenever I cut the pattern for the baby shoes I make I feel like I’m playing Tetris. I want certain parts of the fabric to face/read a certain way but there is a lot of patterns in a little space!  It takes a lot of coordination between my husband and I for me to have time to myself on the weekends and we finally did it! Since he was so wonderful and took the children away and here is what I accomplished while they were gone! 

Newborn shoes (2 pairs)

0-3 mo-1pair

6-9mo-2 pairs

This pair is for E


And this is the last pair I made  tonight. 

Notice a repeat in the fabric? I am hoping to sell them at a local store and wanted them to look more uniform. But if you like what you see head on over to Sewsewcute4baby Etsy shop


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