A place for me {and all my junk!}

Our house here in Colorado is an upside down house. No, it’s not literally upside down. It means the bedrooms are on the first level and the living room and kitchen are on the second level. Apparently this is very normal here in CB because it keeps the heat in common areas and allows everyone to have some mountain view. I do not enjoy this layout. But, my point is, our master is upstairs and it’s the whole length of the house! Huge (please say in a Donald Trump voice). There was one weird thing though. At one end of the room there was a 3 ft recess in the wall. We originally wanted it push through and make it a closet for the living room but then we saw the base board heater and realized we didn’t want to deal with moving that. Sew, I mean, so, my hubby decided to make me a sewing desk! He’s pretty handy ☺️. He finished it Monday night and I used it for the first time last night. Love it!!

Here is the beautiful finished picture!

I forgot to take an empty before pic but this is the finished space!

Here’s baby E trying to eat all my sewing stuff from its ‘home’ for the last year. 

All put away and organized!

First project,  cubbies baby bib for some friends

Late night sewing of a dress for my 4 year old. It’s half an old tee+1/2 a yard of fabric. Super simple! Stay tuned to see what craziness comes out of my little corner and what fun ways I plan on decorating it! 

Ps. If you want any info on how to make your own desk, leave a message and I’ll have Hubby write a post about it! 


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