I have a BFA in dance performance and danced semi-professionally for a while before having kids. In the dancer world hearing the words Cattle Call meant that you were going to an open audition with a million other people, that was probably union mandated and no one was actually going to get hired, but you go any because it’s always good to be seen and network (at least that ‘s what I told myself!). Fast forward to living on a mountain with cattle all around me and it takes on a whole different idea! The first year I moved here I saw a reminder in the paper (that only comes out once a week) about the cattle drive coming down the mountain, through town and then on to the next town. I loaded up my 1 year olds classroom (I teach preschool) into the radio flyers and headed down to watch. It was so neat to see these silly cows meander down the road being herded by cowboys/girls on horses, it was exactly how I imagined it.  Then a few days later I was driving to the next town over to get groceries when I passed a truck on the side of the road “SLOW DOWN, CATTLE DRIVE AHEAD”. Now in my mind, even though I had just watched a cattle drive go through our downtown, I thought it would look like this

Image result for cattle drivecattle drive image search

Out in the fields not really in my way.  Instead I was now trapped in the car surrounded not only by cattle and cowboys/girls but also cars coming straight at me from the other direction because the road is down to one lane! This is really what it’s like (pic taken on my way home from work today)


Moral of the story, if you’re in rural Colorado be prepared for anything!

PS. This is a pic from our way home from a camping weekend.  Its a little blurry because (thankfully) we had to zoom in to really see him. Also notice the blobs behind him, those are buffalo. #momontherange!


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