Long time/Busy time

mom pic 2

It has been about 5 months since my last post! I have found that as a parent life flies by. I used to call my grams every day and if I missed a day I would always say “I’ve been really busy. I don’t know with what, but I’m busy”. I feel like that is my life lately. A big part of that is probably because I work 3 part-time jobs, am married, and have 2 kids. THINGS COMING AT ME FROM EVERYWHERE! In the midst of this busyness I have tried to start an Etsy shop sewsewcute4baby I really thought that I would put these designs on Etsy and people would start buying them. Boy was I wrong. I am lucky enough to have friends who are supporting the business but I’m struggling on how to appeal/sell to people I don’t know. A big thing that might help is having 3 extra hours in the day when my kids are asleep and I can work, hahahaha! mom joke! Seriously though, a big help is that my husband has been so supportive and is building me a sewing desk in our room so I’ll have my own space (I’ve been working at the kitchen table). With this new space I hope to really learn to make “work” time for myself, maybe 5 hours a week to start with. I’m hoping by doing this I can take the time I really need to finish my products, promote my shop and design new products, #lifegoals. Hopefully I will figure out this work, kids, work, marriage, work, self, work, balance and start to really succeed 🙂


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