Work it out! 

3 1/2 years ago I had a beautiful 8lbs 3oz baby girl. At the time we were living in a major city, I was teaching dance as well as taking dance classes and Pilates. I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight because I was so active it was coming off on its own. Now that we live up in the sky I don’t have those luxuries and have to work it off the hard way, excersize. I hate excersizing. I’m trying to find new fun things to do but I usually last a week and get lazy. I’ve decided to “post my journey” as a way to hold myself accountable. I do have a friend who is trying to keep active too so she is helping me through this and hopefully that will make it easier. 

This week my little E is 8 weeks old! I gained 30-35 lbs with him and would love to get back to my normal pre-pregnancy clothes. That’s really my goal. Weight is just a number but how I feel in my skin is what I’m trying to get back. 

I’ve been doing a plank challenge for 8 daysand a push up challenge 

Today i started doing a 7 minute HIIT workout I found on Pinterest

As of today, Monday, I have decided to run my schedule like this:

Monday: 7 min HIIT, (planks and push ups I count as being done since they’re the base of this workout) 

Tuesday: planks and push ups

Wednesday: 7 min HITT (planks and push ups I count as being done since they’re the base of this workout) 

Thursday: Buti Yoga (I have only taken a 30 min sample but it was awesome. Here’s a clip of you haven’t heard of it, I’m excited!), plank and push up. 

Friday: aerial conditioning! (Again Planks and push ups are done during the class)

Saturday/Sunday: planks and push ups. 

I’m making an effort to eat healthy but I’m from the Midwest so I love carbs and butter! I am posting my bare belly pic and silly arm muscles today so I can look back and compare myself. 

Wish me luck! 


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