Hit me baby one more time! 

Well, I finished the travel changing pad. The original pattern that I downloaded (see last post) didn’t have a pattern on it! It was 12 pages on what to do but no pattern. I tried multiple different downloads and couldn’t find one so I decided to wing it, which is always a bad idea. 

I cut the fabric, laid out what I wanted it took look like, sewed it, added the vinyl and realized I needed to add the vinyl in the beginning. So I unstitched everything and sewed it all back together ONE MORE TIME. I used white thread thinking it would be a good contrast but in hindsight I should have used black thread to cover up my mistakes! 

Lessons were learned.  I am going to continue making travel changing pads to try and improve on my design (I will also continue looking for a pattern!). 


I would walk 500 miles…or I would drive 90 miles for fabric. 

We live in western Colorado in a small town 

It’s very picturesque. The down side to a picturesque town is that no one wants Target, Michaels, or Wendy’s in the picture, we have no chain or box stores here. The town next to us has 2 grocery stores and the smallest/dumpiest Walmart I’ve ever seen.  So I drive 2 hours when I need something that Kroger and Walmart can’t supply. 

On Sunday I loaded up the kids in the wagon and headed on our way! (Dad stayed home and built shelves and did other manly things in our garage). 

So away we went on a 2 hour drive for fabric. It’s 90 miles of highway driving which normally would be 1.5 hours but we have to go down the mountain about 3,000 feet so it takes a little longer. It is a beautiful drive past the Blue Mesa Reservoir My daughter likes to count the tents ice fishing. There’s usually at least 50!

The Black Canyon National Park is also on the drive  Since it has been so uncommonly cold here and we’ve had 100+ inches of snow it has forced the animals to come down from the mountain tops, not great for drivers but fun for passengers. We saw a giant herd of at least 100 elk  and of course, deer the crazy part about mountain life is when you drive 2 hours you go from this to this50 and sunny!! 

We hit up our favorite Jo-Ann fabrics and, of course, Target then headed back home for Family slumber party night.

 I ended up getting fabric for a diaper changing station I hope to turn all that in to this:http://so-sew-easy.com/baby-changing-mat-pattern/#_a5y_p=2597443

I also got more fabric for shoes and bibs! Oh boy!! I tried to buy a lot of mix and match patterns so the shoes and bibs can compliment each other. We’ll see! 

Booties, booties, booties, booties rockin everywhere! 

When my daughter was born my friend Jess made her the cutest baby booties ever! Perfect for her tiny feet and reversible.  That was three years ago(!) and now with the arrival of baby boy I decided to try and make them on my own. My friend Jess had moved away so I was on the search for a pattern of my own. I immediately went to Pinterest. There are lots of options so I tried to find the ones that looked the most like my daughters shoes and that also had easy in he title. The first type I made was very easy but not reversible and had visible seams sticking out. I did some more searching and found the reversible pattern. It is a little intimidating and I am still working on it but here is the first pair I made…

Step 1: cut out pattern.
Step 2: cut out fabric, 4 of each= 2 shoes.
Use this thing


(Please excuse the messy background!)

I was so excited to have found this new pattern that I called one of my friends, who runs a local children’s clothing shop, and asked her if she would be interested in selling the booties. She loves the booties and that they are reversible! She suggested I also make a baby bib to coordinate with the shoes and we can sell them as a set. 

Today I got one pair done and am looking forward to making the five next pairs with matching bibs. Let’s see if between teaching ballet, working at a preschool, having a newborn, having a threenager, and being a wife I can finish these five more booties and six bibs!